For small business owners, buying or selling a business can be a once in a lifetime event.  They do not have the benefit of “practice makes perfect”.  This is where Brost Enterprises can help. Betty Brost has completed  more than 50 M & A transactions that have met – and many have exceeded expectations.  She has the practical experience small business owners do not have.  She recognizes that maximizing the sales price is important but so are other factors.  Many business owners want to ensure employees and clients are treated fairly and that the reputation they have worked hard to create is not destroyed.  This must be balanced with maximizing the sales price. 

Brost Enterprises can provide:

  • M & A advice for buyers and sellers.  This can include advice on preparing for a successful transaction all the way through integration.

  • Assistance in transaction structure and negotiations when working with business partners and service providers.


  • Compensation packages and ownership transition for succession planning at privately owned firms.